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Our expert consultants bring years of experience helping customers build effective information architectures and a wide range of business intelligence and enterprise reporting applications that reduce costs, allow companies to take advantage of new market opportunities, and improve responsiveness to customers and partners. 


Apart from being successful distributors of ALGOR and UGS Software, Abacus Digital is one of the leading consultant handling all types of CAD/CAM, FEA problems, Reverse engineering and CMM Projects for various companies. We have a highly skilled Technical team with broad ranged CAD/CAM and FEA software to solve all types of engineering problem applicable in day-to-day life with precision and best cost available in India.

We render the following Services.

Paper to CAD conversion

You have very old design and drawings which are expensive to maintain, modify, and refer? Our Drawing & Design specialists can convert the paper drawing to the CAD environment which will make your life easier and précised. 

We perform CAD conversion including: 
  Raster to Vector conversion
  Image or vector data projection into desired coordinate system
  Creation & attachment of object attribute data to specified area

2D Drafting and Detailing

For all of your 2D drafting (Mechanical & Architectural) and legacy data conversion requirements, Abacus Digital can offer accurately scaled component drawings, product installation drawings, schematics, layouts, sections and detailing. With a wide range 2D drawing, 2D drafting, 2D corrections, the Abacus Digital team has undertaken 2D services for industry verticals ranging from automotive, aerospace, general engineering, food processing, HVAC, ducting and process industries.

The Advantages are:
  Competitive pricing
  High degree of Draftsmanship
  Quick turn around time

Preparation of Bill of Material

Detailed Assembly drawings, 2D drawings, fabrication drawings, manufacturing drawings may contain numerous individual parts which are difficult to list out manually. We generate Bill of Materials for assemblies that ultimately, make it easy for our customers to plan inventory levels and production planning and help them achieve efficiency on the shop floor. BOM's are generally automated to reflect changes in dimensions, tolerances etc. while the user makes these changes. A drawing supplied from our end containing an automated BOM, would reflect changes on the BOM if our client, wishes to make minor changes himself.

3D Modeling

Abacus Digital is highly competent in CAD modeling and design of mechanical elements related to aerospace, automobiles and general engineering industry. Our engineers have worked with 3D modeling of components and assemblies.

The inputs for generating these components range from hand sketches, 2D manual drawings or CAD drawings. Designs are arrived at by constant interaction with customers, meeting their specific requirements and delivering 3D CAD models in the format required by the customer. Some of theses components have been reengineered to suit new environments.

We can create your product concept from free hand sketches/ drawings to an intelligent digital prototype. We undertake 3D modeling assignments for various automotive parts, Heavy Engineering Equipment, consumer durable items. Perspective views can be created from any desired angle. 
Interference and packaging studies using digital mock-up is also carried out on complex assemblies comprising large number of components.

Service provider of CAD software

Abacus Digital owns the Distributorship of the two most powerful FEA and 3D Modeling softwares which can make your work environment absolutely professional and accurate. This will save the cost for your business to a great extent. Extensively powered tool will convert your drawings from 2D to 3D within a glance. This reduces the cost of making prototypes during the designing of a new product or system. By the mechanical simulation of the design you can trace and eliminate the physical discrepancies of your product and system. With the help of FEA (Finite Elemant Analysis) you can go for the First time right manufacturing process. FEA also helps you out to find the lacunas of your existing product or system by real time stress & strain analysis.

CIVIL FEM makes computer software and provides services for civil engineers in industries such as Building Design, Architectural Design including large structures like Bridges,Truss and the analysis of the same and many more activities.


CivilFEM is powered by the industry-leading finite element solver Marc, from MSC Software. Coupled with an easy-to-use graphical user interface designed for civil engineers by the civil engineers at Ingeciber, CivilFEM powered by Marc provides sophisticated system-level structural simulations of large commercial buildings, bridges, tunnels, nuclear power plants, and other structures. The result is robust, efficient, and accurate simulations for the infrastructure, energy, construction and mining industries.


All finite element solver capabilities necessary for civil engineering are tightly integrated in to a single software package with an advanced “Office”-style multi-language GUI.  Ingeciber’s nearly 30 years of experience in civil engineering has led to specialized capabilities for geotechnics and foundations, bridges and civil non-linearities, and prestressed concrete.  Using the Marc solver engine allows CivilFEM to offer capabilities not often found in civil engineering simulation tools, such as linear and non-linear structural, static, and dynamic analysis; as well as Seepage and Heat Transfer capabilities.

Manufacturing of Casting products

Abacus Digital is providing one stop solution for the casting products. We have a range from sanitary castings to special formed casting. We have also expertised in casting of mechanical spare parts made from castings i.e. pulley, gear, flanges etc. We also export the materials to the overseas clients of us. We are able to bring unlimited resources to your projects and maintenance needs. As an organization, Abacus Digital the highest level of project management skills to ensure the best possible quality and on time delivery with every job. 

We have a exclusive tie with an USA based company. We can handle your requirements about projects of Exotic Metals, Storage Tanks, Specialized Fabrications, Large heavy Fabrication, Custom Forming and many more.


  • AutoCAD 2D & 3D
  • AutoCAD Electrical
  • Revit Architecture
  • Revit MEP
  • STAAD Pro.
  • MX Road
  • Creo
  • SolidWorks
  • ANSYS Workbench
  • Primavera

Apart from software training we also provide Industrial Training for the Engineering students and organize Workshops in the colleges to give a brief idea about the above mentioned softwares.

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